Didactic Packaging.

As I develop my concept, I’ve started to realize that there is a didactic element to it.

Since the spices are already mixed, its hard to apply the information I created about how the flavor profiles harmonize with each other. However, as you pick up each package, you can learn a little more about how flavor profiles work together to create harmony. Perhaps with this information the user will feel more comfortable making their own spice mix next time around.

Here’s what I’ve developed so far:

  1. Poster to be placed in the spice section. It explains which flavor profiles balance and enhance each other. it also includes some examples of each type of flavor profile.


2. Packaging labels with: spice name, color coded flavor profiles, origin, and best uses. Additionally, I included a ‘smell me’ sticker you can peel off and smell the spice mix to get a better understanding of what it will taste like. The back of the packet details what each color represents (and what ingredient falls into which category) and reinforces the balances/enhances information.



The ‘smell me’ sticker has a lighter gray detail to show the user that they can peel it off in order to smell the spice mix.


With these new elements, I decided to revise my statement:


I am developing didactic packaging for spice mixes. Since spice mixes have a long history and tried and true flavor combinations, so they make for perfect teaching examples. Every detail on the packaging gives buyers insight into why these flavor combinations work and incites them to eventually have the autonomy to make their own. In order to make this packaging into a learning experience I incorporated: flavor profiles by predominance, origin (continent/country), uses, ingredient by flavor profile, weight of product, and a smell feature. Together, these elements help users understand the nuances of flavor profiles, what works and what doesn’t. My belief is that through repeated use of these mixes, the user will become increasingly confident in their ability to combine flavors.


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