Spice Mixes For All.

Selecting a spice mix from a large range of choices can be very overwhelming. I’d like to make the selection process a little more comprehensive and intuitive. While the packaging that Kalustyan’s has now does a good job of providing a description and ingredient lists, it’s still not entirely clear how I can use the spices or what their origin is. Therefore, I’ll be developing a new packaging solution for the spice mixes by incorporating design elements that make them more comprehensible.

I plan to organize the spice mixes by origin and flavor profile (sweet, salty, bitter, sour, spicy) so people will be able to use the appropriate spices for the dish they have in mind. I’d also like to encourage the use of these spices for dishes that are not part of their culture of origin. The idea behind this is to allow whoever is using these spice mixes to be creative when using them, without the constraints of tradition or culture. Finally, I’ll be incorporating a smell feature, where the consumer can feel the aroma of the spice mix before buying it.

In order to make the information more didactic, I started by attributing a flavor profile to each individual ingredient:


I then used this information to show the different flavor profiles in each spice mix. With the information that I have gathered so far I created two visual taxonomies, one for the flavor profiles and the other for the different applications for the spice mixes:


Here are some labels I created using this system:



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