2nd Try: Kalustyan’s

I was having trouble with my first selection so I decided to give it another shot. I haven’t given up on the food theme so I decided to approach it in a different way. I went to Kalustyan’s, a store that sells a wide variety of international goods:


I enjoy cooking, so I was instantly drawn to the incredible variety of spice mixes they had. So many countries were being represented through their cuisine and spice mixes, it was overwhelming. I decided to pick the ones I was the most unfamiliar with so I could hopefully get a glimpse into new cultures through their cuisine. This was the final selection:


I followed by separating them by countries:


Then continents:


After I was able to organize them via geography, I decided to look at the separate ingredients of each one and looked at the ones the different spice mixes had in common:


Since I still had 18 I decided to reduce it to 2 spice mixes per continent, based on the connections I made from the last step:



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