Design Exploration & Experimentation.

Since I was still unsatisfied with my coded language, I decided to give it a few more shots. I came down to two solutions.

The first is a geometric crooked carrot broken down into parts:


The second is a play on the ‘crookedness’. I found it to be cleaner and easier to use than the one above. Therefore, I opted for this one:


Since I had really enjoyed creating all of the crooked carrots in the previous code, I decided to try and repurpose them.

This was my first sketch:


It then developed into the comic strip below.
The plot follows a sad carrot that is about to be discarded but then gets called by a fellow crooked carrot to join the party in the ‘discount bin’ where all of the crooked carrots are finding happy homes.


From here, I decided to develop a sign for the discount bin where we’d find these carrots and give them a happy home:


Finally, I designed a poster to compliment this friendly crooked carrot campaign:



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