Figures of Speech.

For my topic, food waste, I came up with 4 different figures of speech and recorded the observations/reactions of 5 people to each one of them.

  1. Food is Life.
    • P1: Accurate, but cliché.
    • P2: Not drawn to it.
    • P3: Neutral towards it.
    • P4: Seems like it’s been used for other things. Too broad.
    • P5: Agreed with the sentiment. Liked this one.
  2. Resourceful as a Raccoon.
    • P1: Funny.
    • P2: Too complicated.
    • P3: Didn’t get the reference.
    • P4: Didn’t get the reference.
    • P5: Understood, but didn’t think this was straightforward enough.
  3. Crooked Carrots are our Friends.
    • P1: Liked it.
    • P2: Liked this one the most “by a landslide”.
    • P3: Was a fan of the alliteration. Liked this one the most as well.
    • P4: Didn’t understand the connection to food waste.
    • P5: Really liked this one. Thought it was funny and communicated the message.
  4. Expiration dates are like a death sentence.
    • P1: Thinks this is an important topic, “people don’t talk about this.”
    • P2: Did not like it.
    • P3: Thought it was too harsh of a hyperbole.
    • P4: Liked the impact of this sentence.
    • P5: “Too intense”.

It was easy to conclude that #3, “crooked carrots are out friends” was the most well received. I had really liked #2, but this primary research made me realize that the message wasn’t pure enough in order to be readily interpretable.


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