Breaking down the message.

Now that I’ve selected the topic of food waste, it is necessary break down the semiotic messages that can be found within this issue.

In order to fully understand what is being communicated and in what way, I need to divide the message into a few categories, as listed below:

  • Sender (who): Me
  • Intention (with what purpose, goals): Inform
  • Message (says what): Reduce food waste
  • Transmission (by which means): Capacitating
  • Noise (with what interference): Social constructs
  • Receiver (to whom): Restaurants and grocery stores
  • Destination (with what result): Food waste reduction
In this case, I (sender) am trying to capacitate (intention+transmission) restaurant/grocery store owners (receiver) in order for them to deal more effectively with food waste (message+destination) and break away from their preconceived notions (noise).
Moving along, I decided the 5 words below were the most pertinent to the subject matter. Below is their breakdown of signifiers/signifieds:
  • Trash can
    • Signifier: Trash can
    • Signified: Throwing away
  • Cuttlery
    • Signifier: Fork and Knife
    • Signified: Eating
  • Clock
    • Signifier: Clock
    • Signified: Time/Expiration
  • Chef’s Hat
    • Signifier: Chef’s Hat
    • Signified: Restaurant
  • Shopping Basket
    • Signifier: Shopping basket
    • Signified: Grocery Shopping

All of the chosen words represent something beyond their literal meaning. Therefore, all of the words are connotative symbols. However, they still have an iconic representation, as depicted below.




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